designers of embroidery patterns on cd's

Below you will find a complete procedure to make an embroidered cd.

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material needed


You need: a pattern, pair of scissors, glue, a small drilling machine, drill of 0,8 or 1 mm., soft brush, 

a board (dimension 30x20 cm.), and two boxes or blocks of wood (dimension +/- 14x10x5cm.)

Preferably use a drill of 0,8 mm. Now you will hardly see any holes.

For embroidery use a small needle nr. 11 (with point).

cutting pattern

Cut the pattern along the circle, so you can easily center the pattern on the cd. 

Take a copy of the pattern, to save the original.(see, note at the end this page).

cd gluewing

Glue the pattern on the cd at the label site. Do not use aggressive glue otherwise the cd will dissolve.

Glue the pattern permanently, because there is no need to remove it again.

cd_mounting for drilling

Now you stick down the cd on the middle of the board with three small pieces double-sided adhesive tape.

This is only temporary, to have our hands free for drilling.

drilling Drill the holes into the cd as many as there are points on the pattern Use two boxes or wooden blocks to rest your wrist on, during the drilling. With this position you have a very stable position for drilling. You be able to drill all the holes without effort. Do not press the drill; the weight of the drilling machine is more than enough for drilling. You can easily drill 20 or more cds by using one drill. Be carefully, if the drill is turning to fast the drill will meltdown into the cd which result in a broken drill or rough holes.

Remove the dust from the cd with a soft brush.

Be careful, because the cd damaged very easily.

cd embroidery

Finally you can embroider the cd as if it is a normal card. 

Watch it! The pattern will be appearing on the cd in a mirror image.

drills 0,8 and 1,0 You become the best result by drilling the holes with the drill of 0,8 mm. However it is also possible with a 1 mm drill. To give you an indication of prices. We paid 0,65 for the 1 mm. drill and 2,40 for the 0,8 mm.drill. As you can see the 0,8 drill is far more expensive than the 1 mm. version.
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