Dear Embroidery fan

We managed to convert the patterns to .PDF
This makes it possible to send the patterns by e-mail.
From now on you can order patterns without shipping cost.
You do'n have to wait any more days, you can already have the order the next day.

You pay only 0,70 per pattern and a small amount for PayPal.

There are two exceptions.

"1" The order minimum is 2 Euro.

"2" If you order less than 10 paterns, we charge 1 Euro extra processing costs.

See the table below.

Order overview

One pattern for

€ 2,00

2 patterns for

2x0,7 +1 = € 2,40

3 patterns for

3x0,7 +1 = € 3,10

4 patterns for

4x0,7 +1 = € 3,80

5 patterns for

5x0,7 +1 = € 4,50

6 patterns for

6x0,7 +1 = € 5.20

7 patterns for

7x0,7 +1 = € 5,90

8 patterns for

8x0,7 +1 = € 6,60

9 patterns for

9x0,7 +1 = € 7,30

10 patterns for

10x0,7 =7,00

11 patterns for

11x0,7 =7,70




We will send you the best quality for printing.

The quality of the result now depends on the performance of the printer of which you print the pattern.


Copyright ©

All rights are under reservation.

Nothing of our patterns may be copied, downloaded,

increased, stored in an automated (data) processing or published in any way,

not electronically, mechanically, by means of photocopy or any other way.
Selling or giving away copies of our patterns is not allowed.

It is allowed to make copy for your own purposes, with reason to save your original.

You may also sell or give away the cards you have embroidered with our patterns.