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Dear embroidery fan


Herewith you receive the information about embroidery patterns.

It is an overview of more than 1000 patterns, which you can see on a 1/3 scale.


They are all classified with a category, which is an indication of the difficulty of the pattern.

See also the list “index embroidery patterns – order list”.


difficulty degree - 1 -------------------------------------- very simple; just for someone who starts embroidery.

difficulty degree - 2 -------------------------simple; for someone who has a bit experience with embroidery.

difficulty degree - 3 --------------------------------------------  easy; if you have some experience, try this one.

difficulty degree - 4 ----------------------------------------------- difficult; pay attention, more knowledge needed.

difficulty degree - 5 ----------------very difficult; you need to have a good knowledge concerning embroidery.


The figures of all difficulty degree, will give you much pleasure to embroider. Someone with a lot of experience can also enjoy working with difficulty degree 1.

All patterns are suitable for cards with a dimension of 10 x 15 cm. (the most common format)

However, for our XXL patterns, you need a card of 15 x 20 cm.

There is a subdivision in subjects as you see below














XXL patterns

(XXL patronen)

cd frames

(cd kaders)


All patterns are printed on an A4 scale, consisting of:

A prick-pattern–an example (on real scale) and a complete description (Dutch and English)

We have many foreigner costumers who are pleased with our patterns


On the page “index embroidery patterns – order list”, you will find the difficulty degree

 and you can see which pattern is available.

Now the great advantage; you don’t need to buy a complete exercise book with, for instance 15 patterns,

 of which you like only five and take the other for granted.

You can make your choice out of more than 1000 patterns and order as much as you prefer.


You pay an amount of € 0,70 .

We send you the patterns by e-mail.

We only accept European (Euro) money


Send us your choice by e-mail or send the order form in an envelope.

You can pay by bank or with PayPal.

After arrival of your payment, we will send you the patterns as soon as possible.

When you have further questions do not hesitate to ask us by e-mail.


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Visit regularly our webpage, behind the button  “new”  you will find the last new patterns!


All rights are under reservation. None of our patterns may be copied or increased except for own use.

Not any pattern may be published in any form, without beforehand written exam from the authors.