designers of embroidery patterns 

on cards

Embroidery on cards, method

Embroider your own congratulation or happiness card and make it personal.


Our figures are based on a unique line pattern to decorate your card.

This is possible with an arbitrarily “figure” or fantasy “flowers” but also with more or less known “images” as there are:

 the sun, the moon, a baby, a dog or a mouse, etc.

All of them are unique and imaginative.



Use a small normal needle with point 11 or 10. Do not use an embroidery needle with a dull point,

these are too thick, they rib out the holes in the card. Prick needle (pergamano), prick pillow (felt or heavy foam rubber),

Scissor, Ruler, Adhesive Tape, Hobby glue. Embroidery threat.

Use for this embroidery work Embroidery threat for an embroidering machine

(trademark: Madeira,  DMC, Sulky of Gütermann.)

These companies have also metallic thread (metallic shine) and threads with blending colours, which are very useful.

Those threads are available on spools. (do not use thread skein DMC, this kind of thread give off fluff)


Fix the card you want to embroider with paperclips behind the pattern.

Place this together on felt with the pattern on top. Prick over all the points of the pattern into the card.

To check if all points are used, hold the pattern with the card against the light.

Remove the pattern from the card and start to embroider.


Keep the following method in mind: In the description we are talking about threads which are lying at the “front side”,

these are the treads which make the pattern visible.

“Behind” are the treads at the backside of the card.

The description on the pattern will be as follows: 1-2 = front side en (2-3) = behind

Example: Put the needle with tread from behind through hole 1 and pull the tread until one cm. is left behind.

Fix that end of the thread with tape at the back side on the card. (do not cover other holes)

Pull the tread to hole 11, behind to 12, front side to 2, backside to 3, front side to 13 etc.

The short description for this is as follows:

1-11  (11-12)

12-2  (2-3)

3-13 etc.

Go on this way clockwise. On a certain moment, you have to use the holes a second time.

Embroider as long as you need to complete the figure.

This principal works the same with corners, like you see below.

Try these examples a few times, until you are familiar with this work method.


We wish you much pleasure with embroidery on cards, nico & agnes