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the "Pentagon Ball"

The "Pentagon Ball" exists by 12 pentagram cards glued together.

Below you see three different sizes.


You can make these "Pentagon Balls" by yourselves.

We can offer you a template sheet with description how to make it.

The template is printed on 160 grams paper (light cardboard)





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Flower box

      click   the photo

If you make a half "Pentagon Ball" you can use it as a flower box.
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How to become the "Pentagon template-sheet" + discription.

Two possibilities.


With each order, under normal conditions, you ask for the "Pentagon template",

 and you pay only 2,00 extra.


You want only the pentagon  template

Send your request and complete name and address by e-mail to:


 You will receive an confirmation and a PayPal invoice 2,00+shipping cost.

We send you the "Pentagon template-sheet" + description" as soon as the payment has arrived.