hidden thread technique
if you see a pattern with the logo below

In that case you have a special pattern. Some parts of the pattern are saving by means of hidden thread.

On that place the thread goes under (behind) the card.

We will explane why we designing that way

Normally we embroider an elyps the way as you see below (left site) from 1-39 etc. We embroider that way the elyps round, so you see an even thread pattern.

We have placed the logo in the pattern and you see it is partly covered by the threads.

Due to hold the logo completely free and preserve the original view, we developed a special technique, as you can see below

 ?   ?   ?  how it works  ?  ?  ?  

(Click on the blue text for an example photo)

Look at the example below. See for an example the thread 25-45. From behind 25 you stitch the needle to the front.

Pull the thread over the logo to hole 45 and look which holes are nearest by to use to pull the thread onder the logo.

For this example it will be the holes marked with X and Y

So, you pull th thread from 25 to X go under the logo and come back to the front by Y, next to 45.

From 38-18 until 52-32 and from are embroidered this way. Also from4-52 until 18-66

Try out this example below on a card, before you make a real pattern

1-21 (21-22)

22-2 (2-3)

3-23 to and inclusive 17-37

From now you underpass the logo,

from 38-18 to and inclusive 52-32

Than again as usual (32-33)

33-53 (53-54)  

54-32  to and inclusive 51-3

From again underpass the logo to start with:

4-52 to and inclusive18-66

Finally go on with:


67-19 (19-20)


The hidden thread technique is an unique application from:

designers of embroidery patterns

on cards


You automatically receive this information in case you order a pattern with this technique.


 †annie & nico heesakkers

Zwartakkers  3

5531 PB   Bladel