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It is now also possible to order a enlargement of a pattern.
This makes it possible to embroider a large card (max. A4 size).
You can specify any size.
We ensure that the original width and height ratio remains the same as the original
Order an enlargement as follows:

Choose a pattern that you want to have enlarged and give us the width and height measure, in centimeters, where the size of the pattern must remain.
Write us an e-mail for your order.

For example: image_215_duckling_2, br: 19 - h: 28 cm.
We will send you the original pattern image_215 with an extra A4 on which you find the enlarged prick pattern.
You can embroider the enlargement using the description on the original pattern sheet

The cost per enlargement + original pattern is 2.00

You may ask as many enlargements as you wish.
Below are three examples of enlarged patterns.
Side by side the card 10x15 and enlargement on A4 format.
afb.215_eendje_2 (duckling 2)  image.215_eendje_2 (duckling 2) (card size A4)         flower_131  flower_131 (card size A4)        figure_259  figure_259 (card size A4)
image_215_duckling_2                 flower_131                    figure_259

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