the clown

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The clown is a wall decoration on A4 format

Pre-eminently arranged on a child chamber


The embroidered  pattern is 

" B- 03 "


Used threads are "Sulky"

Groen  1510

Rose   1019

Rose   1148

Rood   1257

Rood   1037

Wit     1001

Blauw 1252

Geel   1185


The colours stand also mentioned at the description of the pattern.






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The clown is a mural decoration, where an embroidered clown comes as it were through the purple paperboard to outside.

the clown B - 03

it is provided with 3 cardboards on A4 form.

1.back paperboard (black)2.background (purple)       bicoloured, printed

3.clown pattern (cream) printed with the prick pattern.


Five A4 sheeds with:

1.extra prick pattern. 2.example pattern. 3.description.

4.background pattern. 5.composition instruction.


wall decoration

pattern sheets

The prick pattern has been printed on cream colourful paperboard. Also the bicoloured purple cardboard has been printed.

 If you like to order the Clown

You can order the complete parcel for:

5,00+shipping cost

It is possible to order extra cardboard sets (black, purple and cream)

With each set cardboard you can make an extra clown mural decoration!

Ask us for a calculation!

 You can order the extra sets cardboards later on, but only if you have the B-03 clown parcel already in one's possession.

The bicoloured background paperboard is only available in purple.

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