wall decoration



Below a  "wall decoration" dimension 50 x 50 cm.

wall decoration


This pattern is specially designed for the wall decoration. point of departure was "figure 19"

The blue metallic colored background is glued on a 3 mm. thick cardboard, needed for the solidity.

First we pointed the pattern on the card by mains of a prick needle. Than we drilled by means of a drill of 1 mm.     Just like we did with the cd's.drilling

Therefore we drilled 1200 holes.

Next we embroidered the pattern on a "normal" way

We used "Goldmann" nb. 100 thread, which is comparable with silver metallic of "Madeira".

There is 128 meter thread used and we embroidered 28 hours together.

We say, emphatic together because you don't embroider easily a card like this, alone. The card was placed uprightly in a workmate.

embroidery together

next we took places on both sides and the needle was given, for instance by nico from behind to the front to annie.She took needle pierce the needle and used an other hole to stitch it back.

embroidery annie    thread loop

 We spend 28 ours together with much pleasure on this decoration.

exceptional patterns

Do you like to try this unique pattern, it is possible now.

We send you this pattern on a sheet of 60x60 cm.

It has difficulty degree  3.

The description will be delivered on a separate sheet of paper.

You pay an amount of 10,- including postal charges.