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We are married in 1971


Annie Heesakkers - Rijnaarts



 Annie died  19-01-2006




We have two boys Bas and Bram, a daughter-in-law

and two grandchildren.


Where are we living

For years Annie was embroidering her own celebration cards.

But she could not find nice patterns any longer. New patterns were boring.

At the end of 1997 Nico started designing patterns for her.

First, he used paper and pencil but after a short time, he exchanged it for a monitor and mouse.

After a while we thought, there must be a lot of people who will certainly enjoy our patterns too.

Therefore, we wrote to several publishers.

Although they liked our patterns, most of them told us that the market was to small for a profit.

In addition, one did not want to be a competitor of his own.   

The last publisher said to us: "There are no combinations possible with other hobbies"

and  "There is nothing new added to patterns that does not already exist.


No combinations possible ???

This first comment on our patterns is certainly not true.

Our designs "frames" and "borders" have given you a good opportunity to combine

it with 3D, faulting teabags, filigrane, dry flowers, silk flowers,

stickers, punching, patch work, etc.

Look for examples at our pages "frames" and "borders"

With all our other patterns, combinations are more or less possible.


Nothing new on the market ???

We are convinced we have!

1. We have named every design with a difficulty 1 to 5: see introduction page.

2. There is a subject called "images". There you find patterns which are unique.

3. We have introduced a new technique; we call it the "hidden thread" technique.

4. In addition, we have XXL patterns +/- 13x13 cm. (normal 9x9cm.) for cards of 15x20 cm.

5. Together with the information, you receive an overview of all our patterns on a 1/3 scale.

So you can make a choice and order only the patterns you really like.

This is not possible by other publishers, wherever you go.


In 2004, we have been approached by Forte editors which resulted in our first embroidery book!


We wish all our visitors a lot of pleasure by embroidering

if you have any questions