embroidery on boxes


Below an example of an embroidered tea box


tea box


B- 01

(thee doos B-01)


This is a frame pattern specially designed for a tea box


In the middle, we placed XXL bloem 09. (XXLflower 09)

On the picture you see a wooden box: dimension 27x24x8 cm. First, we disassembled the lid. After that, we drilled the holes as we do with a cd. Finally we embroidered the lid.


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The tea box can be embroidered the same way as a cd. Look for a complete description below

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The tea box set, contains a pattern for a box 

of 27x24 cm.

 In addition a modified pattern fo a box of 20x16 cm.

In the middle we embroidered a part of "bloem 44" 

(flower 44)


Moreover, parts of the pattern, with this you are be able to draw up a pattern on other box size, by yourselves.


You can aspect an overwhelming success with an embroidered tea box.

The tea box is also a fantastic present for your family, friend or acquaintance.

tea box (open)  tea box  teabox patterns  tea box card

                    1                       2                         3                 4

click on the pictures for a blow up!

Pattern " theedoos B01" (tea box B01)

It is a set containing five papers. (picture 3)

the set contains:

prick pattern + an example (on real scale)  + a modified pattern fo a box of 20x16 cm.+ pattern  XXLbloem 09 (XXLflower 09) + + complete description (Dutch and English)  + parts of the pattern you can use for boxes of other size or to embroider a card 

see (picture 4)


For the pattern set you pay  5,-  + postal charges.


Instead of pattern "XXLbloem 09" (XXLflower 09)

You may choose any other pattern.

order as: pattern B01

This automatically includes pattern XXLbloem 09 (XXLflower 09)


If you wish another pattern for the middle, for instance: XXLfiguur 15 (XXLfigure 15) than the order should be:

pattern B01/XXLfigure 15

exceptional patterns