wall decoration



Below a  "wall decoration" dimension 50 x 50 cm.

wall decoration

B- 02

This pattern is specially designed for the wall decoration. Point of departure was "XXL figure 02"

The copper metallic colored background is glued on a 3 mm. thick cardboard, needed for the solidity.

We drilled 600 holes.

Next we embroidered the pattern on a "normal" way.

Used tread

"DMC" nbr. 4065 green.

"Madaira" nbr. 28 bronze. 

There is 90 meter thread used and we embroidered 15 hours together.

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B -19 

you will find more information in detail.

exceptional patterns

Do you like to try this unique pattern, it is possible now.

We send you this pattern on a sheet of 60x60 cm.

It has difficulty degree  3.

The description will be delivered on a separate sheet.

You pay an amount of  10,- including postal charges.