who are we?

Our working method

Nico designs the pattern on the computer.

(He uses a normal drawing program for it)

Then, he makes a description as far as possible.

He prints the pattern on paper and gives it to a relative.

She embroiders the pattern on a card and corrects the description.

Besides, she decides in which order every part has to be embroidered to get the best result.



With the corrections in red, Nico changes the computer design and the pattern is ready in principle.

             Again, he prints the pattern on paper, and it is embroidered again.

             After final approve the pattern is available for you.

             Now we publish the result on the webpage.


What are we doing with your order?

When you ask us for an information set, we send this to you as soon as possible.

When you order some patterns, we store your name and address in an Access file.

Within this file we retain data such as all the pattern numbers you

ordered and the last number of overview you received.

You can always order the last patterns.

Therefore, you need to visit our webpage "new".


We never sell an address to someone else, your personnel data is only stored in our computer